>> Thursday, October 22, 2009

Halo!!! Im back! haha been busy with work, Im doing my training in Company XYZ (not real name duh) and stuck in system & facilities dept. my job is analyzing the system duh. every week i go to diff departments and c the area's flaws and come up solutions.

went to bangkok, thailand 2 weeks ago. here's some pics which i've also uploaded in facebook.

i think during the old days, the war was kinda gay-ish and obscene because most of the pics r of them pulling off each other's balls and in a gayish position

the wind was strong.
the dogs r mostly obese. thai women r really slim. they got nice figures. but the dogs r seriously obese.
wore tht cos it was hotttttttt.

ok kinda lazy to write. in case u're wondering y i can online n write this entry now its bcos i took MC today hahahahahahaa.

dont think i will blog much, for anyone who wud like to keep in touch, add me facebook. kk bai.


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